Close to nature, away from the urban jungle

Relaxing and taking in a big breath of clean mountain air are good ways to sum up what life in the Pyrenees is like. It is true that the mountains are perhaps best know for skiing, hiking and the Tour de France, but it doesn’t stop there. Locally the area is well known for its gastronomy and its wine, the many spas that occupy the valley and the Pic du Midi site and the nature parks.

We are in the heart of the National Park and close to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. So you don’t have to be into mountain sports to be into the Pyrenees.


If you do like mountain activities then you’ll be spoilt for choice here.

Rafting, climbing. skiing, cycling, mountain biking, hiking are just a few of the activities that are widespread here. The Tour de France goes through the valley every year, the ski stations are considered the best in the Pyrenees and the French mountain bike championships are held here. So whatever you’re into, you’ll love your stay here in the Pyrenees.

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 La Tourmalet Ski Station

 Cauterets Ski Station

 Luz Ski Station

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