Reduce our footprint


  • Recuperate and re-use rain water.
  • Eco composting toilets, that reduce the use of potable water being wasted.
  • Downstairs toilet has a reduced flush.
  • We have an A+ washing machine and line-dry outside.



Organic and Local

  • NO chemical pesticides or insecticides in our garden
  • We buy organic and local produce.
  • We have fresh local mountain spring water straight from the tap.
  • All new appliances are made in EU. 
  • Promote all local events that we hear of, so you can enjoy the full cultural experiences of our region.
  • All double beds are made with organic and fair-trade cotton sheets.
  • Local woollen blankets produced locally in the valley.

Ecological cleaning products

  • No chemical cleaning products.
  • Detergent and cleaners are highly biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • The soaps available to guests are vegan and organic.

Waste recycling / Zero Waste

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot

  • Actively source produce that has zero waste.
  • Compost all vegetable and organic scraps.
  • Buy produce locally and in bulk.
  • Paper and cotton shopping bags instead of plastic.
  • No bottled water to reduce plastic waste.
  • Store foods in glass jars and containers to reduce the need for plastic.
  • Use the local recycling bins.




Electric Saving

  • Energy saving lightbulbs fitted through out the property
  • Office is run entirely by solar energy.
  •  ‘Goal Zero’ solar generator for guests to charge their devices during the summer months.
  • All new appliances have the EU Energy Label Class A or above.
  • Solar powered outdoor lights.



Green Renovation

  • We used local materials and businesses.
  • Energy-efficient technologies.
  • Installed wood fibre insulations.
  • Installed double glazing.
  • Recycled as much building waste onsite as possible.

Future Projects

We plan to
  • Replace our heating system with an eco, wood burner.
  • Install a solar powered hot water system for the main house.