Plant based Organic Meals

Our garden is where we grow our own vegetables, fruit and herbs using natural techniques with chemical free gardening.

We have a number of different fruit trees and bushes.

We have taken the time to fill our garden with plants and flowers that are edible and medicinal. We serve plant based foods, without animal products and use a maximum amount of freshly grown produce from our garden.

Wherever possible, we serve all our own home grown produce, adding in organic local produce when necessary.




Healthy, refreshing and filling

We offer a buffet style organic breakfast between 7am and 10am which includes a selection of cereals, breads/crackers accompanied by (where possible) home-made conserves from our homegrown fruit, a selection of fresh fruit from our garden and other local suppliers, homemade goodies and local honey.

To drink each morning we make coffee and there is tea and fruit juice available. 


Picnic Lunches

Nutritious, tasty and copious

Organic Plant based picnic lunches are available for those who book it in advance.

Generally a picnic will be made up of a sandwich with a homemade spread or ‘fauxmage’ and lettuce, an energy bar or piece of homemade energy cake, fresh fruit and a packet of crisps or a trail mix.




Scrumptious, nourishing and freshly prepared

We provide hearty, home made, plant based evening meals. Our aim is to produce tasty, healthy and wholesome food, that will keep you going in the mountains. 

We try to produce our own fruit and vegetables in our garden and anything we cant produce ourselves we buy fresh and local from the farmer’s markets and directly from local organic suppliers.


Our menus consist of a starter, main, pudding and coffee.